Luna Lain

Transforming Into Luna Lain

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Luna Lain and Scott debate about whether Candle would date Scott if he were a hot girl. He probes for her plans for the night and then heads home to try the serum he has used before to transfer into hot girls' bodies. It affects him so fast that he stumbles to the floor and lies in a lump on the ground as his soul leaves his body. Scott is so excited to invade Luna's body and takes stock of his new form. He, now a she, admires the long legs and how she fits in that seductive, tight dress. That pretty red hair looks so sexy as it flows down her shoulders. Her cute little feet look awesome in the high heels and Scott really wants to feel an orgasm in her body. She strips down and feels her new tits which are so perky and cute. The sultry panties are shimmied off and her hands wanders down to her pussy. A vibrator makes it even more intense and of course she tries all of the settings hungry for a more intense sensation.Gasping with excitement, she moans in pleasure as the orgasm overwhelms her senses. Over and over she lets the waves wash over her.When she is done, she laments that she will have to go back to being a man, and miss out on all of the clothes, soft  bodies, and lesbians. At least she gets a chance to play with Candle before reverting back to the old hairy man body.

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