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Tiny Dick In A Box - Dakota Charms, Lady Quinn Carter & Anabelle Pync

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Posted: 12/19/2017
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Category: Small Penis Humiliation
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Blackmail Fantasy , Masturbation Instruction , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Female Domination

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Featuring Dakota Charms, Lady Quinn Carter, & Anabelle Pync.What are you doing here dressed like a mailman and carrying a box? You aren't supposed to be here. Oh my god, did you really expose your tiny dick in a box? That can't be real? What are you thinking? We should call the police to get you for impersonating a federal employee or you can be our little bitch if you don't want to go to prison. Jerk it for us. Use your fingers and rub it if you can get hard. Do you already have precum coming out?! How did you think that we would be impressed with that? Did you *** tell you that you have a big dick? She lied to you. That micropenis is abnormally small and the size of my toe.We could still call the cops for wanking in front of us. This picture will prove it and you will be a sex offender if you can even orgasm. Does smoke come out of that shrimp dick?You should be embarrassed of that tiny amount of cum. We have all of the visual proof we need and own you now.

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