Luna Lain

Surprise Visitor - Luna Lain

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Posted: 12/21/2017
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Luna Lain waits for her date and is in a lacy bodysuit and Cuban stockings. When she answers the door, she's surprised to see a stranger who makes her eyes cross and body go limp. Throwing her on the bed, he ragdolls her heavy limbs and enjoys how they flop.

Lifting her into a cradle carry she gracefully collapses in his arms, but she is thrown back on the bed. He removes her high heels and plays with her long legs before positioning her in an over the shoulder carry. Her body is turned upside down mid-air and her hair flows to the ground.

Dumping her body on the bed, her head arches back and her mouth is lightly agape. Picking her up into a cradle carry, her body transitions to an over the shoulder and thrown down again.

Her lingerie is pulled down and her perfect tits are exposed before he plays with her soles. The nylons are taken off and he admires her bare feet. He sniffs the hose and takes them as a trophy of his conquest.

Luna is going to be confused when she awakens!

OTHER KEYWORDS- lift & carry, limp fetish, s***p fetish, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, red hair

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