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Stuck At Home - Andrea Rosu

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Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:14:20
Posted: 12/29/2017
File size: 544.32 MB
Category: Embarrassment
Secondary categories:
Forced Intox , Stretching , Damsel in Distress , Big Butts , Legs

Andrea Rosu is running late for her date and scrambles to find the right attire. Her jacket does not want to come off and she struggles to get it off. She tries to get her blouse off but the buttons get snagged and she tries to pull it over her head, only to have it get stuck. Andrea is embarrassed to be unable to do something that a c***d should be able to do. She falls to the bed and rolls around trying to get it off her head. Her skirt rides up as she struggles and her full back white panties are on display.

She stands up and her foot falls into the garbage can but fortunately she gets out. Unfortunately for her, she steps into a bucket that was catching a leak. Her legs flail and she manages to escape but her head is still caught in the shirt. She finally gets out of it only to fall forward into the bucket yet again.

By now she is determined to escape, and her appendages flop around in the most flexible positions. Her date arrives and she is nowhere near ready! He leaves when she cannot answer the door in her disheveled state.

OTHER KEYWORDS-Stuck, escaping, thigh highs, red hair, leg fetish, humour, white girl booty, white booty, thick thighs, thick ass

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