Miss Noel Knight

Penis Removal Punishment

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Posted: 12/17/2017
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Category: Medical Fetish
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Femdom POV

Keywords: Penectomy, Castration Fantasy, Femdom POV, Body Modification, Humiliation, Punishment, Fantasy, Orgasm Denial

In the future, men are kept on a tight leash. The consequences of offending a superior female are severe. You’ve committed the unforgivable crime of sexual harassment and you must no pay the price for your actions. You are going to be castrated, having your cock and balls removed totally. You have been delivered to my medical clinic to suffer your punishment. I sadistically and gleefully tell you in detail what will be happening. You won’t be able to move but you’ll be able to feel every moment of pain during your punishment. All it takes is a few little snips and you’ll be a eunuch forever!


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