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Posted: 01/05/2018
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Anabelle Pync is getting ready and has no idea that you have snuck into the bathroom to watch her. You try to stay quiet because you know she would tell *** and you would get in trouble, but it is so worth it to see your s****r exposed. Her tiny skirt ends just below where you really want to see, so you look up at her and see those juicy pussy lips on display. She makes it easier for you as she bends over to look in the mirror and you take the opportunity to stare at her. Her ass shakes as she uses her whole body to rub in her makeup.

The temptation becomes too strong, and your hand reaches out, but you chicken out. If only you could touch her soft skin and those meaty lips. It is overwhelming when she rubs oil on her legs and makes them glisten.

She brushes her hair and still does not realize that you are next to her. Anabelle readjusts her massive tits in her bra before grabbing her toothbrush. As the vibrating bristles caress her teeth, her whole body gyrates in rhythm as she waits for this not so mundane chore to be finished.

You finally get the courage to grab her slit and she turns around in horror that you were watching her this whole time.

When she thinks you have left, she resumes brushing her teeth. After your surprise she is a little shaken and assumes a squatting position to prevent spilling any toothpaste on her bright red bra and skirt. If she knew you were back again for another look and watching her ass and pussy violently shake, she would be appalled.

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