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Nervous Balloon Popping - Angel Lee

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Posted: 01/04/2018
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Category: Balloons
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Inflatables , High Heels , Lingerie , Blondes , Mouth

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Featuring Angel Lee!

I am back for more balloons, but I have to admit something. They are scary and loud, but since I know how much you like them, I will keep doing them.

Watch as I blow up a big red balloon and my cheeks inflate. That squeaky sound happens as I rub my hands over it. It gets so big and I am so scared as I puff little bits of air bit by bit. This one does not want to pop and it only makes me more skittish until all of a sudden it explodes in my face!

This pearl one is so pretty, and it makes me nervous because it does not feel as strong as the other balloon. I can barely fit it between my lips. This one is going to be popped between my high heels!

A purple one grows so big so quickly and pops before I realize what is going on! A green one is blown to a moderate size and my pumps spear through that latex with ease.

These yellow ones are smaller but pop very loudly between my nails. They are so loud that my ears are ringing and my adrenaline is pumping!

OTHER KEYWORDS- balloon B2P, face fetish, six pack, fitness model, long hair, ankle strap heels, 


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