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N****w's Revenge Loose Ends 1 - Anabelle Pync & Arielle Lane

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Clip length: 00:09:50
Posted: 12/30/2017
File size: 375.03 MB
Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
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Role Play , Boots , Jeans , Brunette , Electric Play

After repeated phone calls, Anabelle Pync is worried that something happened to Kobe Lee. She gave Kobe a serum to take down Hanzel, the n****w of a baddie they put away along time ago.  A strange call from an unidentified male ordered her to go to the lobby, but it was a prank because nobody was there.

Heading back to her lab, she finds a mysterious sheet covered object. Unveiling it, she finds a completely frozen Arielle Lane with a letter in her back pocket. If Anabelle wants to save her, she will have to come to his location. Deducing that it is Hanzel, Anabelle is determined to come up with an antidote.

After toiling, she gives Arielle a dose and puts electrodes on her chest to get the treatment into her system faster. Anabelle is in a near panic as she waits for it to work, but Arielle stands still like a statue.

More work will be needed to defeat Hanzel!

OTHER KEYWORDS- electric play, limp fetish, scientist fetish,statue fetish, Arial Lane, Ariel Lane, denim fetish, boot fetish

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