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Losing Team - Annabelle Genovosi

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Clip length: 00:18:19
Posted: 12/20/2017
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Category: Female Training
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Mesmerize , Forced Stripping , Magic , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Annabelle Genovosi's team has not finished making the freeze ray but she is confident she will win the contest. Her boss, Scott, wants to make a point about the opposing team having completed the project.

The team has sent a list of tasks and Annabelle is the unfortunate guinea pig because she is usually so cocky and arrogant. A camera is observing so that they can use the results for improvements in the technology. Her hands raise above her head and she is in dismay that they would actually have an apparatus that works! Scott has her give two thumbs up to the camera which makes her very frustrated to concede to an opponent.

Things take a more embarrassing turn as they make her face the desk and Scott spanks her ass. Annabelle is then ordered to spank her own ass. She pleas for it to stop but this is only the beginning. It only gets worse when she is ordered to take her top off. She struggles to not take it off, but she is completely helpless against the commands. Scott takes her skirt off and then gropes her cute tits just because he wants to. Although he has Annabelle take her panties off because it is so much fun to watch her squirm. Her squeals do not deter him from ordering her to spread her legs and turn around in a circle and do even more humiliating tasks like jumping jacks.

Looks like Annabelle took it for the team!

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