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Loan Shark Blues - Ela Darling Part 2

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Clip length: 00:14:12
Posted: 01/09/2018
File size: 542.43 MB
Category: Forced Stripping
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Damsel in Distress , Breath Play , All Natural , Humiliation , Embarrassment

It took a long time to find Ela Darling after she promised to pay the Boss his money. Of course she has a sob story about being robbed but she has an air of condescension as she says it. Scott does not appreciate this and grabs her by the throat. Ela realizes that she is overpowered and squeals in terror. As he strips down her sundress, his hands grab her tits as he throws the sarcasm back in her face. It is better than the other things he could hurl, but he rubs her pussy juices all over her to make a point. Scott brings Ela up close to the camera so she can apologize to the Boss directly but her face still screams of derision as she ekes out an insincere apology. The bra is removed and she is not allowed to use her hands to take her panties off, so her perfect ass has to shake and shimmy to get them off her hips. As a punishment for her insolence, she is f****d to her knees. Her face grimaces as he starts pulling his zipper down. If she does not have the money in 3 weeks, she is going to skull fucked and be passed around to all of the people who work for the Boss.DA

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