Luna Lain

His Wish Transformation - Luna Lain

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Posted: 12/22/2017
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Scott complains to Luna Lain that Candle is not into guys. Luna Lain explains that Candle will only date women because they are pretty, soft and know what women want.When Candle comes back she sees that Scott is down and confirms that she loves women and a man could never please her. After she leaves, Scott wishes that he could be Luna in order to be with Candle, and then he magically becomes Luna. Scott/Luna has her body but is in his clothes. His voice is deep but transitions to a softer sound. He is now a she and she loves looking at her flat tummy and pretty nails. Candle was right about girls having great skin and she especially marvels over her tits.There are some things that need to be tweaked though. Scott sits with his legs apart and slouched like a bum. Luna sits with her back straight, legs crossed, and tits out.  Those pretty clothes beckon and a feminine dress is the first thing to try. It is fun to prance around and feel the swish of the skirt. A very tall and highly arched pair of shoes finish the ensemble and she does a fairly good job walking considering it is her first time.Since she does not know how long the spell will last, she decides to switch into some lingerie that she knows Candle will like. At first she does not know how to put it on-especially the shoes, but is very happy with how she looks and waits for Candle to arrive.As soon as Candle comes home, they decide to stay in for the night.

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