Luna Lain

Gender Swap - Luna Lain

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Posted: 01/12/2018
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Featuring Luna Lain! Jay would do anything to be with Jolene, but unfortunately she only likes girls. When his s****r comes in she can tell that something is wrong. When he admits that he has always wanted to be a woman, she does not seem surprised because it is wonderful to be a girl. A girl is soft, pretty, and wear sexy clothes. Plus it is fun to get all that attention in public!Luna knows that just putting on the clothes would not fulfill his fantasy, but she has been working on a potion at her job as a scientist. It is a serum that allows him to transform into a real girl and all of the benefits that go along with it!As he gulps down the concoction, Luna worries that the formula has not been tested very well. All of a sudden, Luna starts feeling ill. They both fall asleep and when Luna wakes up, Jay is inside her body!This is amazing and he, now a she, cannot believe that she is a girl. Her voice is higher pitched, and her body is so sexy. When Luna wakes up, she is now in Jay's body. She, now a he, hopes that her b*****r does not do anything weird in her body!

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