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F****d Control Part 3- Anabelle Pync

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Posted: 01/13/2018
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I have been mind controlled and ordered to smoke a cigarette without realizing that I'm sitting topless in my living room. The entertainer who has coerced me into hiring her asks for the budget for the night of the party. I don't answer and she puts me under to give her the real information because she wants it all!

She wants me to embarrass myself and has me dance while in my g string. Snapping her fingers, she brings me in and out of the t****e, but wants me to go deeper under her spell. Completely helpless, she commands me to strip my panties and to stand on display.

Putting me to s***p, drool falls down my chin and curvy body. She awakens me and I'm shocked to find myself nude, but she quickly puts me under again.

While dancing, she orders me to tell her how much I love being under her spell and helpless. Spreading my legs, she sees my pussy before having me get dressed. I'm commanded to thank her for the mind control and promise not to tell anyone. I will always obey her and be her willing slave.

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