Luna Lain

For The Love Of Zara - Luna Lain

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Posted: 01/18/2018
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Luna Lain is dressed up for a night out with her monogamous girlfriend Zara. Scott is irked that he can never get a girl like Zara.

After thinking it over, Scott makes a wish to be Luna. Feeling weird, he goes to bed and his soul leaves his body only to invade Luna's body. When Luna comes to, Scott is inside her!It is so amazing to feel like a girl and he, now she, admires the garter and stockings and works her way up to the perky tits. Playing with the long red hair is amazing instead of being bald on the head and hairy on the body!

The frilly blouse is ripped off and a thorough boob squeezing ensues. They are so squishy and bouncy! The skirt is easy to strip, but the lingerie is confusing until realizing that there are crotchless panties.

Grazing her fingers against her newfound pussy, it is amazing how sensitive everything is! Panting in excitement, she rubs her clit vowing never to go back to having a dick.

Where would Luna keep her toys? She always said the hitachi was better than her fingers. Why mess around with low when you can go to high?!It is unfair how much better the orgasms are as a woman and she writhes in ecstasy, arching her back. Scott is ready to make out with Zara and get what he has always wanted!

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