Luna Lain

Fetish Genie - Lizzy Lamp & Luna Lain

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Posted: 01/04/2018
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Lizzy Lamp is upset that she does not have large breasts and cannot afford an expensive surgery. Guys are never going to like her and the girls make fun of her. If only she could get someone to help her. She grabs and pokes at her tiny tits in disgust. The pretty necklace her friend gave her, is beautiful but does not fall between any cleavage. As she rubs it, Luna Lain is perched next to her and introduces herself as the Fetish Genie. She can grant her 3 wishes and on her first wish, Lizzy has a slightly larger chest. They doubled and while excited, Lizzy wanted larger ones! A new dress and larger tits make her happier, but she wants bigger bazongas. Luna has never gone granted tatas that big, but warns her that she may not be happy with the outcome. When they transform into something so large, Lizzy is so excited to be huge. Her hands massage her new huge globes that pop out of her chest. With her new body she can have any man she wants!

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