Goddess Alexandra Snow

Dirty Little Secret (featuring Princess Rene)

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Clip length: 00:14:13
Posted: 10/22/2017
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Category: Financial Domination
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Masturbation Instruction , Femdom POV

Hey there. Surprised to see Rene and I together, huh? I'll bet. You thought we'd never find out that you were seeing someone else.. You look shaken.. have a drink to calm your nerves. You thought we'd be content with the money you love to spend on us. You're half right. You see, it was only a matter of time that we realized that you couldn't stop yourself from becoming obsessed with the only other beautiful woman who could ensnare a man like yourself. The more we talked though, the more we realized how much we had in common.. like sisters seperated at birth! Both of us driven and hungry.

Oh, feeling a little dizzy? Heart racing? That high pressure of yours! That's right, there was a little "extra" in your drink. Now we're going to tease you.. and tease you... and soon your heart will burst in your chest.

Not before you sign your will making us your sole heirs, of course...

This video includes: financial domination, black widow / assassin, FemDom POV, masturbation instruction, and the beautiful Princess Rene!


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