Luna Lain

BTS Balloon Blowing - Luna Lain

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Posted: 01/03/2018
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Category: Balloons
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Inflatables , Fingers

Luna Lain is getting ready for a custom and is using a hand pump to inflate her balloons. Since they are so big, she would have a hard time blowing them up with her mouth. She figures she should try to blow them up just to see if she is able. Her hands grasp the rubber neck and her cheeks expand as she concentrates on her breathing. Behind the big rubber ball, her eyes look so sweet and large as she watches it grow right in front of her face. She gets a little dizzy but it is nice to see that she can do it. It is tense as it gets bigger and bigger and Luna shows no signs of stopping. When she is finally done blowing, she cannot help but play with it. Unfortunately it has a small hole and it is going to slowly deflate, so Luna decides to pop it quickly and get that satisfying bang.

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