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Brotherly Love-A Taboo Story - Angel Lee

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Posted: 12/29/2017
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Category: Taboo
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Big Tits , Home Wrecker , Older Woman/Younger Man , Bathing , Voyeur

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Angel Lee is taking a bath and does not realize that her b*****r is sneaking a peek at her. (POV) When he wanders in and feigns surprise, she confronts him about staring at her in a friendly way.

After probing to see if he finds her attractive, she beckons him closer (switches to 3rd person) to talk about all of the girls that are in college. Since she is his big s****r, she thinks this is the perfect time to teach him about being with a girl. He is hesitant, but Angel convinces him that *** and *** won't be home for awhile.

His hands tentatively rub her huge tits and she takes his hard on as a sign to progress to  kissing. Angel instructs him to open his mouth and really dive in while grabbing her breasts. Without guidance he starts going down her neck, and she teases that he already knew what he was doing, but was playing her. Angel does not mind, and pushes him down to lick her nipple.

A quick check of his cock through the jeans lets her know that the effect is working! As a reward for his larger than expected cock, his finger is guided down to her already wet clit. Angel rides his finger and moans in excitement as he fingers her to climax.

It is always polite to lick your fingers after playing and Angel promises to teach more the next time he comes home from school!

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