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Brainfucked into 2018

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Clip length: 00:16:27
Posted: 12/29/2017
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Category: Mindfuck
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Mesmerize , Mesmerize , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination

Cold rainy weather, empty streets and the ending of the Christmas feast lead into the last days of the year. Time to look back, time to realise that your present life is pretty much the same like the weather in central Europe, all grey and dark, without any joy. You slave away day by day in a job you don`t like, you lead a life which isnĀ“t worth living and your only delight are those hours you can spend at your computer, jerking to my clips! Your world, that`s me, that`s fetish porn, you love to spend your money for those couple of minutes where you can be all alone with me. You need me to be at your PC, you need me to give you orders, you need my demanding attitude and you love to jerk to all of that. You need guidance, you need someone in your life who tells you what to do, who gives your life structure. In these days, most people look into the future, thinking about what the new year will bring for them. For you, 2018 will be a year full of servitude, you will start to dedicate your whole life, your whole existence to your one and only Goddess, ME ! Its all about me! This mind-blowing clip will lead you into slaves paradise, its your only purpose in life to serve a hot alpha female such as me. In order to enjoy the hypnotic effects of this clip at its fullest I want you to watch it at a quite and save place and I want you to use headphones as well. It`s for your best hahaha. WARNING! THIS CLIP CONTAINS HYPNOTIC EFFECTS, WATCH IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!

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