Blackmail Homewrecker

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Posted: 03/16/2016
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Blackmail Fantasy

Hi baby, shhhhh, don’t say a word. I know you’ve been craving my tight, teen body. You want me so much more then your wife, and who could blame you? She’s a gross old hag, and I”m such a sexy young thing. No wonder your cock gets rock hard for me every time you see me. Mmmm, now I want to hear you say it, tell me how much you want me. Tell me how much better I am then your wife. Now say it into the camera. Ha! That’s right you dirty old pervert, I know I’m not your first attempt at cheating, and so does your wife! She hired me to try and catch you. Don’t try to fight it! She’s heard enough. Mmmmm, but maybe we can come to some sort of agreement? I don’t know why your wife needs to see this video. Get down on your knees, maybe we can find some way to . . . negotiate.

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