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Bigger Breasts - Angel Lee

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Posted: 01/13/2018
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Category: Breast Expansion
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Big Tits , Body Inflation , Transformation , Blondes , Medical Fetish

Angel Lee wants to get bigger breasts in order to please her boyfriend because he is looking at other girls with larger boobs. The plastic surgeon says that there is a new procedure that allows her to inflate them larger if she does not think they are the right size. The doctor places a mask on her face to help her relax and she wakes up to a larger chest.  She loves them and she runs off to show her boyfriend.A few days later, she comes back and asks for a bigger size. She goes under the mask again and wakes up with even larger tits. The size is amazing and she cannot wait to prance around her boyfriend with these enhancements!Fast forward, and Angel is back and looking for even larger implants. She wants them so big that they can be seen from space. The doctor does not think that she needs it, but he makes them so that her arms cannot get around her breasts. Her waist looks so tiny, and her arms are dwarfed in comparison to her enormous tits. They are like giant torpedoes pointing north and she can barely see over them!

OTHER KEYWORDS-balloon stuffing, transformation fetish, transformation fantasies humour, long hair

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