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Becoming A New Woman - Lucy Purr

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Clip length: 00:13:00
Posted: 12/19/2017
File size: 494.2 MB
Category: Transformation
Secondary categories:
Damsel in Distress , Magic , Boots , Jeans , Bondage

Lucy Purr arrives at the empty spa and is confused why she got the evite. She sees a strange,  handmade sign on the wall with various attributes mentioned and she tries to leave. Unable to open the door or use her cell phone makes her angry and scared.

A disembodied voice informs her that he is going to take the best parts of 10 women he has been following, and creating a new whole woman. Lucy berates him for stalking her for such a ridiculous endeavor. She assumes he will take a hair but is shocked when he says that he's going to liquefy her!

He makes her groggy and she falls limp in his arms. She lies on his lab table and is the perfect specimen for his fashionista profile. The cuffs on her arms complement her leopard print boots and tight jeans.

Stirring, she struggles against her binds but its too late. The molecular structure of the cells in her body will alter to a liquid state and be collected in the jar. Lucy arches her back and wiggles to get away from this mad scientist. The tube in her back drains her juices and she writhes in agony as her soul is collected.

Her body goes still and magically all that is left is a pile of clothes where her sexy form used to be. The bottle is stored and her name is crossed off the list. Now he waits for the next girl to show up!

OTHER KEYWORDS- magic control, erotic magic, male domination, science fiction, sci-fi,  transformation fantasies, transformation fetish, transfer fetish, Scott Torvea, boot fetish, jeans fetish, melting fetish

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