Luna Lain

Andrea Rosu's Golden Gift - Luna Lain

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Posted: 12/20/2017
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Andrea Rosu gave Luna Lain a gift box of lingerie and some fragrance. She liberally sprays her body, face and hair as Andrea indicated in the note and enjoys the silky smooth sensation.

As she makes dinner plans, her hand tingles and her hand magically turns gold. A warmth is flowing though her body and she watches in amazement as it travels up her arm. It is beautiful but she is concerned how long it will last.  Her legs become gilded and while it was fun at first, she starts panicking as her throat becomes tight. Her body is getting stiff and hot. Her movements become slower and stiffer as her body, face and hair  is completely covered in gold.

What if Andrea found out that Luna was talking to her boyfriend? Is this some sort of revenge? With tiny, stiff steps, she struggles to find her phone, but eventually becomes frozen in place.

Now Luna is a solid gold statue and Andrea won't have to worry about her flirting with her man anymore! Andrea sees the results on a hidden camera and is giddy by the results. Now to take care of the cheating boyfriend and make him turn to gold as well!

OTHER KEYWORDS- wet and messy, body painting, transformation fetish, transformation fantasy, magic control, erotic magic, Ankle strap heels,  Luna Laine, Luna Laine, statue fetish, red hair

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