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All You Want to Do Is Cum

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Posted: 11/20/2017
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You know that your masturbatory habits tend to be quite disgusting. You’ll watch any manner of disturbing or taboo content and be ashamed the moment you cum. This is why it is much better for me to control your orgasms. I’ll make sure that you’re jerking to content that doesn’t make you feel like such a slimy loser. I’ll make your orgasm feel like a reward instead of an embarrassment. But this privilege of jerking off to me doesn’t come for free. You’re going to jerk and edge when I say you can. I’m going to cultivate this feeling of desperation in you. I’m going to make you remove your hands and imagine what it would be like to be touched by me. You’re going to sit there mentally stimulated as your orgasm builds within you without touching your cock. You’ll be desperately aching for release and completely under my control. This is the point of this exercise. No more cycle of orgasm and shame. If you’re a good boy and follow my instructions you know you’ll have earned that orgasm. 

After this, the only orgasms you’ll want are the ones I’ve given permission for you to have.


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